QuickBooks Online Accounting

QuickBooks is an internet enabled business accounting software that helps the small owners maintain their daily records of financial transactions. The QuickBooks accounting software needs to be downloaded from the QuickBooks website www.quickbooks.com and perform a QuickBooks online login. QuickBooks is owned by Intuit and is a much-used platform throughout the globe.

QuickBooks.com login

The QuickBooks accounting software is much convenient to use and maintain your financial records and daily statement of expenses. The users need not worry about paying their monthly or weekly dues as the QuickBooks online can do it for them. The Automatic Payment System is the most crucial feature as it enables the automatic recurring payment to be made without any human interference. However, this Automatic payment system works only when the user gives an authorization to QuickBooks and the bank account linked to it.

How do we access the QuickBooks login through QuickBooks.com?

QuickBooks is much convenient accounting software to use as compared to the other accounting tools. However, you will need to purchase and install this software on your computer if you want to use the tool on a desktop or laptop. However, this is not the case with the QuickBooks online because, in the QuickBooks Online, the users just need to enter the web address QuickBooks.com in their web browser and proceed on.
Here in this section of the QuickBooks.com guide, we will let you know about some the easy and time-saving methods to use the QuickBooks for your personal fund's management. Follow the below-mentioned step by step guide for using the QuickBooks online.

  • First of all, purchase the softcopy of the QuickBooks software or license.
  • Now, open the web browser of your PC and enter the web address www.QuickBooks.com and hit enter.
  • There you will see a few options like sign up, log in and trouble logging in etc. Assuming that you are a new user of QuickBooks, please click on the Signup button.
  • After clicking on the Signup button, you will be asked to enter some of your personal details like the name, address, email id and contact number etc. This will create a new user profile for your QuickBooks.
  • Now, access your QuickBooks online account with the login credentials that have been created and register your software with the license key you have.
  • After all these steps, just open the web-address again http://quickbooks.com and on the home page, there will be certain options like “chart of accounts” etc.
  • Click on the chart of accounts and add some new business accounts in the list.

Note- It is of much importance to know that you have to authorize your bank through which the automatic payment system takes place. The automatic payment system needs to be enabled very carefully as it deals with the fund manager.

Is there any other platform to use the QuickBooks?

Yes, the QuickBooks can be accessed through one of the three platforms i.e.

  • Mobile web application
  • Windows-based desktop application
  • Online through a web browser

Mobile web application

The users can access the QuickBooks accounting software on their smartphones by downloading the mobile application of Quicken. Just install it after the downloading and log in with the user credentials and you are ready to go on with your bookkeeping with just a touch of your finger.

QuickBooks Desktop application

Intuit developed the QuickBooks Desktop application for the ease of maintaining your daily financial records. QuickBooks mobile application doesn’t let the user face any lag or other hassles as it has all the features as that in the QuickBooks desktop. QuickBooks mobile application is of great use due to its compactness and compatibility with all the smartphones.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks online accounting can be accessed easily through the web browser of the computer device. The user just needs to enter the web address www.QuickBooks.com in the URL bar of the browser and proceed on with the instructions. The user needs to log in to the QuickBooks account through the username and the passkey created at the time of signing up with the software.

QuickBooks accounting plans

The QuickBooks software is primarily categorized into two parts.

  • Small business
  • Free Lancer/ Self Employed

Small business

We here are primarily concerned with the Small business plans of QuickBooks. Here at QuickBooks.com, we will definitely try to make you aware about some of the plans of QuickBooks accounting that are required by the user according to their needs of bookkeeping.

Some of the QuickBooks plans under Small Business category are listed under.

  • Simple start plan
  • Essentials plan
  • Plus Plan

Simple start as the name suggests is the basic plan of the QuickBooks accounting software that covers only some of the necessary features required only by the new users. However, with the growing business needs, you will have to upgrade your plan from time to time as the larger business plans of QuickBooks are included only in the upgraded versions of QuickBooks. Some of the features of the Simple Start plan are as under.

  • Keep records of your income and expenditure
  • Generate invoices and record them
  • Basic reports of business
  • Track sales and sales tax
  • Make estimates

Essentials Plan

The Plus plan will obviously include the features from its previous plan i.e. Simple start and the Plus plan will have some of its own upgraded list of features that are quite necessary for the growing business accounting needs. Some of the new and upgraded features in this plan are listed below.

Manage your bills

Give access to multiple users (Up to 3 users)
Track time of workers/employees
Plus plan
The Plus plan is the most widely used QuickBooks accounting plan and the user need not to bother about any issue related to the accounts management as all the required features of bookkeeping and accounting are included in this plan. Some of the features from this plan are listed below.

  • You can create and track projects
  • Inventory track and management
  • Manage thousands of workers at a time

How to add a business account in QuickBooks online through quickbooks.com?

It is quite easy to add an account to your Quicken account. Follow the below-mentioned instructions carefully to successfully add an account.

  • Signup and login to your QuickBooks account.
  • Then at the top left part of the QuickBooks software, click on the “Charts of Account” tab
  • Now, add the new account in this tab and proceed on by entering the details of your account/company/business like the name of the company and account type.
  • You are ready to use the QuickBooks new account added.

Is it important to select the proper account type?

Yes, it is important to select the exact account type for which you are creating a business account. The Account type selection is automatically included in the process of creating an account. The nature of account is important and mandatory to mention as without the type of business specified, QuickBooks will not be able to calculate and various charges levied on the transactions as a different transaction in different business types have different basic and tax charges.

How to recover a login password for QuickBooks online?

It is quite often that the user forgets the login passkey for the QuickBooks account. The user needs to click on the forget password or trouble logging in the tab to recover the lost password. Once, you clicked on the forget password tab, a reset password link will be sent to your registered mail address or to the phone number linked to the QuickBooks account.
Just log in to your mail ID and click on the password reset link and set a new password.

What type of password is best for the QuickBooks login?

Here at QuickBooks, we recommend you to keep a strong and unimaginable password that is quite hard to crack or guess. It is advised that the login passphrase should contain the alphanumeric, upper case, lower case and special symbol characters. The length of the password should also be ideal up to 10 characters at least.

How many accounts can we add in QuickBooks?

There is no limit on adding the accounts as such. Just navigate to the charts of accounts tab and go on with adding the list of accounts as much as you wish.

How many users can have access to our QuickBooks account?

There is a definite limit set to add the number of users to QuickBooks. The Simple start plan can be accessed by only a single user at a time. However as you proceed on with upgrading the plans of QuickBooks, the number of user access increases, the Essential plan of QuickBooks can accommodate up to three users. Further the Plus plan allows more than three users to get access to the QuickBooks online Plus plan.

What is the time period of the QuickBooks plan subscription?

QuickBooks accounting software has different plans like essential, starter and plus plan. All these plans can be subscribed monthly as well as yearly. You can visit the web address QuickBooks.com to know more about the various plans of QuickBooks plans.

What are the features that are common in between all the three plans of QuickBooks?

There are some of the features that you will get in all the three plans of QuickBooks. They are listed as under.
Reciept record
24/7 Customer service portal
Application integration