Do you back up my data?

Yes, without any doubt we are always concerned for your data safety. Besides creating and keeping the two copies of your data in our database, we tend to back up your crucial data in the cloud storage of ours. We make sure that your personal data is always in accessible to the hackers, abusers etc.

How safe is QuickBooks to use?

QuickBooks is completely safe to use and transact with. The QuickBooks use a 256-bit encryption security. The QuickBooks has many SSL embedded for its security that transmits the most vulnerable information much safely like the bank details of the users etc.

Is the QuickBooks online same as that QuickBooks desktop software?

No, the QuickBooks online doesn’t consist the same set of features as the QuickBooks desktop and mobile application software contains. QuickBooks has designed the different versions for different purposes. Few of the QuickBooks features are different while many features are identical in the different versions.

How much do I need to know about QuickBooks prior to its use?

QuickBooks has been designed in such a manner that it can be used by everyone. The users with lesser prior experience of accounting software can also use this tool with much ease. It is preferable that the user should have at least the knowledge of writing checks or making invoices etc.

Is it possible to share my data reports with my accountant and how?

Yes, you can easily share your financial data with your accountants. If you are using the basic plan of QuickBooks, then you are justify with no other option but to mail your data to the accountant. However, if you are using the Plus plan (Premier), then you can share the access of your QuickBooks online with your accountant. The accountant can himself settle all your transactions by having the access to your accounting software.

Am I allowed to test the QuickBooks before using or switching to it?

Yes, absolutely you are free to test run the QuickBooks accounting software before you make any purchase related to it.

How do I use the free trial of QuickBooks?

Don’t hesitate in trying the QuickBooks online trial for free. The QuickBooks free trial period can be accessed by clicking on the “try it free” tab. You are now ready to experience the free trial period of QuickBooks for a limited time period. You can cancel the free subscription anytime you want.

What are the minimum system requirements for using the QuickBooks?

Internet connect (High speed)

Latest and updated web browsers

Updated QuickBooks mobile applications (for access on smartphones)

QuickBooks subscription

What is the cloud storage in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks provide its users with an additional 5GB cloud storage space where they can keep a backup of their important and crucial data. Cloud storage space is a virtual space where the data can be stored. The users can increase the cloud space by paying some extra amount of money.

How many users can be added to our QuickBooks account?

The basic plan of QuickBooks can be accessed by a single user (the sole owner). However, the premium plans of the QuickBooks can be accessed by multiple users. Up to three users can have the access of the QuickBooks premium version. This means the accountant; colleagues or some other person can also have the access to a same QuickBooks ID.