Who are we?

You can visit us at the web address http://httpquickbooks.com.  There you can find solutions to your accounting problems and services thereof.

What do we do with your information?

We want to be pretty clear with our users that all the information we gather is used for the betterment of our services and we always tend to enhance and boost our products and related services with the help of the information you provide us.

All your information we gather in our database is kept secure and there is no need to worry about all that information secure.

Where do we collect your information from?

All the information we collect is acquired quickbooks login from the web forms like the signup details and other user details from the third party service provider etc. When the users get involved in some kind of surveys, then the user’s personal information is stored in our database.

Who we share your data with and for how long we keep the data with us?

If the user has posted a comment on our website, our website tracks the data and quickbooks login the metadata related to this comment. This is done so as to keep the record of the visitor who is posting the comment. This data can be retained indefinitely with us. This is done so that the user is identified easily when he/she posts the comment next time on our platform.